Heart shape Red velvet cake is going to be the best gift during Valentine week!

As the season of love is around the corner and couples are thinking and searching best Valentine Week gift for their partner. It’s a season of expressing love and romance to your special one. If you also have a special person in your life then just plan something romantic for him/her. There are many gifts with which you can delight your partner, but according to me, heart-shaped gifts are preferable as compared to others. I have a reason for this, want to know the reason? Well, a heart is a place from where unconditional love is originated, and a gift in the shape of heart means a gift that is given with heart! Whether the logic is correct or not but I follow this logic.

There is a massive connection between love and heart. If there is a heart, then there is love!  Love – a single word but a broad meaning attached to this word. It is very common that we are not able to express our feelings because of nervousness. So, in this type of situation, one must take the help of gift like red velvet heart-shaped cake. It is the best Valentine week gift. The reason for gifting red velvet heart-shaped cake is that it will help you to express your feelings as well as sweeten the taste buds of your special person. The delicious taste of red velvet cake will fill your relationship with eternal sweetness. Red velvet cake is the most demanded cake during Valentine Week. The cake itself speaks love because of its red color. Its heart-shaped design expresses the love which is meant to be gifted to someone special. If you are confused what to gift to your loved one, then go for valentine cake delivery in Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and many more cities of India. You can never go wrong with a red velvet heart-shaped cake as a Valentine gift! Cakes are the natural way of telling that the gifter cares a lot about the receiver. May this Valentine week sweeter by ordering a delicious red velvet heart-shaped cake for your Valentine from Winni.

Valentine Week is not meant only for couples even singles can too enjoy the Week with their friends or with their family. Want to know how?

Valentine Week celebration with friends or family members:


Rose day:

The enthralling beauty of roses can uplift anyone’s mood. Celebrate the rose day with your friends by gifting yellow roses to your friend as yellow roses signify friendship and care.

Propose day:

Propose day is not only for couples even if you are single then you can tell your friends about your feelings, you can be your friend valentine or while remain friends while spending the whole propose day

Chocolate day:

Gift chocolates to your friends and family members and enjoy the day. It’s a way of spreading love and care.

Teddy day:

Gift teddy on teddy day to your friends or family members and enjoy the day with enthusiasm.

Promise day:

The eternal bond of friendship is a symbol of being together forever in every situation. Tell your friends and family members that you are always with them in every situation by making a promise on Promise day.

Hug day:

Celebrate the hug day with your friends. Give a “jaddu ki jhappi ” to make them realize how much special they are for you.

Kiss day:

A kiss on hand, is perfect way to celebrate kiss day with friends, and who know that first kiss can be an step to become a valentine love.

Valentine day:

The most delightful day, celebrate it with red velvet cake and flowers along with chocolates.

To order valentine cake , flowers, chocolates and teddies from Winni and enjoy the Valentine Week!