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Dine Out in Healthy Style

If you are a health buff, dining out may cause you to be overly concerned or disappointed. The problem is that serving portions are often big in those places and you can eat a lot more than usual. And it’s quite easier for you to eat more calories than you would want to because you don’t really know what goes into the food they serve.

But you don’t need to stress yourself too much about it. Just because you have a healthy eating lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to exclude yourself from the company of your friends. You can still enjoy their company, and dine healthy at the same time, here’s how.

It’s very useful to check out the menu first before deciding to go any place. You will get a better idea of what food they serve if you look at their menu in advance. What would be useful for you is seeing calorie counts on the menu of a restaurant, this informs you how healthy the dish is. There are times you see ‘healthy’ or ‘light’ sections on menus. This tells you that that dish was prepared with the diet- or health-conscious customer in mind.

When in doubt or if the menu doesn’t say anything other than the name of the dish, ask the waiter what the ingredients are or how the dish is prepared. You might want to know if a dish is fried or baked, or how much oil goes into it. It is good for you to be informed as this will make you less anxious about eating something you know little about, if its healthy or not.

You will often find that restaurants will offer you side dishes of potatoes or fries that come with your order. If you ask your server if they can serve you a leafy salad instead when you order, they usually agree with you. But if you are a fan of baked potatoes, go ahead, just leave out the sour cream.

Restaurant will adjust to the request of their customers, especially if they ask politely. You can ask sauces or cheese to be removed from your order, if you think it is too much, and the dish is healthy. You might just want to ask for a separate dish for your sauce, so you can control the amount you put. But because restaurants are in the habit of gorging over your greens with sauces, it’s a good practice to ask for them in a separate saucer.

You know that starters and desserts are often unnecessary. However, if you want to indulge a bit, go for the starter instead of the dessert, and look for fresh items. A soup that is not cream-based would be a good option for you. Green leafy salads are best, just don’t put too much bacon, cheese, or creamy salad dressing.

If you will have wine, a glass is enough.